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bayou_melody in glbttherians

An Introduction

Hey there,

First of all I was surprised to find a group like this on LJ. It was a little interesting having it pop-up after a bunch of page hopping.. Anyways, what matters now is that I finally have a place to discuss my gender identity /and/ therianthropy.

My name's Dami (short for Damien of course!). I'm 16, nearly 17, years old. I currently attend college and I hope to major in something that deals with genetics. I love animals (reptiles, especially), writing, video games, history, and studying foreign languages (Japanese is my favorite so far).

I'm biologically female, and spiritually/mentally/really-should-be male. In other words, I call myself a FtM transgender. Did I mention I'm gay? Well, I am, I'm also happily mated to my wonderful hime who happens to be a bio-male who identifies as a hermaphrodite. He's also a therian and kitsune. Crazy world, huh?

About my therianthopy... I believe my therioside to be a fennec fox. Long story short, I spent years coming to this conclusion only to find that it's not even really a conclusion. I simply believe this because of the evidence in my dreams, meditations, and personal experiences. So really I can't prove that I am a therian to you, but I can tell you that I believe myself to be one, and that I wouldn't make such a declaration in haste ((I came into the therian community in 2004, 5 years after I had begun lurking, studying, and self-exploration )). To me saying that I am a therian comes as naturally as saying that I am a man, I just feel it's true to myself and my soul.

Also for a number of years I have been lurking in the Otherkin community hoping to connect with other who experience non-disordered multiplicity. Hmm, but I won't get into that at this time consider this is a therianthropy group.

Other than that... In general I am an introvert. I have immense trouble connecting to people and making friends. I do have a small group of friends, but other than that everyone else in my life is more of a casual acquaintance sort. That's another reason why I came here. I want to get out of my shell and meet more people that I can relate with and enjoy their thoughts.

Oi, I can't believe that this has taken me so long to write. I apologize for any spelling errors, grammar errors, and the shortness of this introduction ((I'm not used to talking about myself with other people, or sharing intimate things)). ^_^;;; The time probably does not help me out either....

But still, it's nice to meet you all. I hope I can contribute something to this group.


Hey there. You seem to be eloquent and thoughtful, and its nice to have you here, and I wish you well on your search.

Heh, speaking of 'search', you are certainly not alone in the non-disordered multiplicity-thing. That's why I added you.
Thank you very much.

That's certainly a great thing to know. I'd love to hear your thoughts/experiences about it sometime. Not many people in the communities I've been to else where on the web are accepting or willing to talk about it.
It seems that a lot of therianthropes are really up in the air about their true nature. I spent years thinking that I was a wolf, only to realize that I am way to domestic to be a wolf, and then I found shamanism and was wondering if my therioside was really just a totem animal, or a spirit guide, or such... I still don't know, I just know that the animal side is important to me, and that the people I interact with on a normal daily basis have no such connections. Except one fur friend of mine who has yet to realize that he's a actually a therianthrope... but anyway.

It sounds like you've really put a lot of time and effort and study into understanding yourself, so whether or not you fully understand who you are and what you believe, the fact that you're willing to question and challenge and seek council is far more important. I know a lot of people, especially ones that my parents go to church with, that don't question any longer and say, "Hey, I must know everything now!" Once you stop questioning, stop seeking, stop being willing to admit that your wrong; once you stop all of that you've stopped moving. And cessation of movement is a common symptom of death.

I probably sound really pretentious...
Things like that though are all part of the journey in life. Without finding out new things, without questioning, it all seems fairly pointless. I agree with you about halting self-exploration. To myself the constant search for more knowledge (self or otherwise) is such a fulfilling pursuit in life. Definite answers aren't even needed, just the search itself is enlightening.
When reading your introduction, I felt that I could relate to what you were saying in many ways so I thought I'd comment. I haven't even made an offical post here yet, bad me. ;_;

I have to agree with your views on therianism. I can't prove to anyone I'm a therian. I can't prove to anyone what makes me specifically a jackal therian. But I feel that I am, and feel that that's what really matters. I think that as long as you feel comfortably saying you're a fennec fox that should be what's important. After all, therianthropy is a personal experience, just like religion/spirituality should be. It's not a test to prove anything to others.

Multiplicity... is a concept I've recently been researching, though why I am now and didn't start years ago is beyond me. I haven't found too many otherkin-multiple communities but I know they're out there. ^^

Umm... I would say "welcome" but seeing as though I'm rather silent here myself I'm not sure that's my place. x3 Here's to hoping we both find what we're looking for!
Well, nice to meet you.

Exactly. Something as personal as therianthropy should vary from individual to individual. Sadly in a few communities I've been in there are people who push for you to "prove' yourself to them. Not exactly a friendly bunch..

I've only managed to find one community that is multiplicity oriented that seems to be directed towards non-disordered types. Otherkin multiplicity is fairly interesting, and it seems more rare. Especially in the "tight" Otherkin communities. This isn't exactly pleasing to myself or my fellow resident, but hey, at least we're finding other places to fit in.

I agree. Best of luck!

I think all of us here are looking for something...
Is there any difference between your human gender(mental/psychological) and gender of your theriotype?
Actually, that's probably one of the only things I've been certain about for quite some time. My therioside feels most definitely female. It can be a little confusing sometimes, but for the most part having a therioside with a different gender doesn't phase me too badly.
human gender not always is the same as gender of theriotype.. it is normal.
Oh yes, don't worry... I wasn't disagreeing with you. ^_^
Oh, it is great!
It was my big mistake. I thought that my human gender identity = my therian gender identity. When i discovered this, i'm was able to change my therian gender identity to opposite and back.

October 2007

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