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Hey, Let's Get Things Rollin'

Hello everybody. You might recognize me from other communities such as Cynanthropy and Therianthropy? No? That's not terribly surprising, so I'll introduce myself here.

My name, for the sake of various and sundry online communication, is Lost Dog Found, but if you met me in real life I don't go by that. I like my human name for most things, but I'm not going to post that here. So: Lost Dog Found.

I'm a searcher, a seeker, a student of life and spirit. I enjoy learning more than anything, and any statements I make are ready and open to conversation, discussion, and elucidation. I don't argue, because I'm not tryng to beat anybody at anything, or "win" conversations. I win if I learned something, and I'd like other people to say that they've learned something, too.

In body, I'm still living with my parents who are conservative Southern Baptists. There are philosophical and moral ideas that they have that I agree with, and there are those with which I disagree, but most poignant for me is the issue of my sexuality. Up until now, I have had very little productive communication with them on that specific topic, but I'm conceptualizing a time when I will soon do so. That scares me, because I don't know what will happen. I have a boyfriend, and he is very supportive of me, thought not a therianthrope himself. Sometimes he gets frustrated with me that I enjoy the outdoors so much, or have so little knowledge retention of mundane things. Sometimes I get frustrated with him because of the reverse. It's a good relationship.

In soul, I have a very deep connection with canines, and those canines always take the shape of german shepherd dogs. I don't know the importance of that. When I was being followed around by a dog spirit (another story) people seemed to view whichever breed of dog with which they most strongly identified. But anyway. I practice Yoga (all of it, not just the physical), and meditate on God and the atman. I believe good knowledge is good no matter the source, including awesome zombie movies. There's more to me, but I've said a mouthful now, and I'd rather hear what someone else has to say than to keep talking about myself.


You speak eloquently, and that is something LiveJournal lacks these days. I have a question for you however. Who is atman?
The atman is the idea in Hindu and yoga philosophy that every being is part of the same God, or that God dwells in every being. It's tricky to explain, but, basically, there is one great being that encompasses and indwells all reality, and what we think of as reality is really transient and unreal. Through meditation, we can realize the illusory nature of reality and detach ourselves, mentally and spiritually, from it's law of cause and effect, so that when we die, we won't be reborn, but join the atman.
That's what I understand of what I've read. You'd probably have to ask a true Hindu about it, I just read yoga philosophy.

October 2007

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